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Graphic Assets - Poster, Banner & Hi - Resolution Still


The poster is an important component of your project. It appears on your account’s project listing page, the project details section, and on your screeners. We suggest uploading high resolution images so your viewers have the best experience.

The ideal poster size on Indee is 750x1125px (width x height) in JPEG and PNG formats.


The banner is a horizontal image which provides an enhanced visual aesthetic to your screeners. This would ideally be an image without any words as the project details will be listed over the bottom portion of the image (refer to the picture below).

The ideal banner size on Indee is 2732x1132px (width x height) in JPEG and PNG formats.

Hi - resolution still

Hi - resolution still is a video thumbnail that gives your recipients a quick glimpse into the visuals of the film.

The ideal hi-res size on Indee is 1628x1000px (width x height) in JPEG and PNG formats.

Below is an example of a project poster, banner and hi-res on a screener.

Note : If you don't upload graphic assets, Indee appends a default image in its place.

Updated on: 10/03/2022

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