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Screener Reports

Account level screener report

A popular feature on the project listing page is the account wide screener report. Screener reports contain vital engagement information such as percentage viewed, times viewed etc for all the screeners sent within a specific time period. This helps sales & marketing teams gather data on the number of recipients actively viewing screeners shared with them.

Select the screener report option at the top right of the page, pick your desired date range and hit "Get My Report". Indee will generate, and share a spreadsheet friendly report of all your screeners for the same time period via email.

Project level screener report

You can also request for a project specific report by going into the project > selecting Screeners > and clicking on the screener report icon. Pick a date range and hit "Get My Report" to receive your report by email.

Note: Reports are generated based on the start time of the screeners.

Updated on: 05/27/2022

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