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The Campaigns tab lists all the bulk campaigns created and can be accessed from the Screeners page within the project. Click on any of the line items to access the campaign’s details.

This page lists out all the screener settings used while generating the campaign along with the number of recipients and videos. The number of screeners is relative to the number of videos included. For e.g. if there are two videos and 10 recipients, the number of screeners would be 20.

The status column indicates the number of screener rooms processing. While overlay screeners generate instantaneously, forensic screeners take some time to process.

You can also modify the number of views and the viewing window of the entire campaign by clicking on the update button or revoke access by clicking on the disable button.

Lastly, clicking the Campaign Report icon at the top right sends you an email with a spreadsheet containing all the screener room links with the recipient details.

* Campaigns having a start time in the future can’t be updated. They can be updated only after the scheduled start time set on the campaign.
* It is not possible to disable a forensic campaign that is being processed. It can only be disabled only after all the screeners in the campaign have been generated.

Updated on: 05/27/2022

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