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Upload a video

Within the Videos section of your project, click on Add New Video to enter the video upload workflow.

Naming your video

This is not your project name. Rather, the title given to a specific version of a trailer, a clip, or the full-length video itself. E.g. Director’s cut.
We recommend using unique titles for your project and video names as they are displayed in conjunction with each other..

Selecting your video file for upload

Indee can handle most video formats, and video files up to 20GB in size. However, given the inconsistent bandwidths, we recommend uploading videos that meet the following configurations - 8GB, 1080p, mp4 with H.264 codec. You can find the complete list of supported formats here.

Choosing a watermark position

We offer three options: Top, Middle & Bottom. If your video files contain subtitles it’s best to select watermark positions that don’t clash with them.

Note: Indee does not support any customization on the watermark, like font changes, opacity etc.

Indicating a rough cut

Check the box against "Is this video a rough cut?" to indicate that the video is meant for internal circulation. It’s especially useful during the post-production process when multiple iterations of the video are being developed. The Rough Cut indicator only appears within the project and not on the screeners.

Adding internal notes

You can leave notes on the video here for yourself or your team. These will not be accessible to your viewers. Videos with internal notes will be highlighted by a gray exclamation mark beside the video thumbnail on the Videos page. Clicking on the exclamation mark will open up the note that has been added.

Adding a Hi - resolution still

Indee screeners are designed to provide a positive visual experience. Hi - resolution stills give your recipients a quick glimpse into the visual aesthetic of the film.

The ideal hi-res size on Indee is 1280x720px (width x height) in JPEG and PNG formats.

Adding subtitles

You can add multiple subtitle tracks for your viewers to choose from. Checking the default option automatically brings up the subtitles when the recipient plays the screener. Although Indee supports WebVTT and SRT subtitle formats, we recommend using WebVTT as that works on Apple TV & iOS devices as well as browsers, while the others only work on browsers.

Adding video details for episodic projects

When the project is set to episodic content, Indee provides options to add:
Video level descriptions (synopsis), in addition to the project level ones
Season and Episode number
Video level cast & crew, in addition to the project level ones

Once you've filled in the necessary video information, hit Upload and you’ll see the progress bar filling up below the video file.

Note: All videos uploaded undergo transcoding where they are encoded with DRM and other proprietary security encryptions. The time taken for transcoding a video is roughly about its run time. You’ll be notified by email once the video has been transcoded and is ready for sharing screeners.

Updated on: 04/12/2022

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