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Adding Screener Refresher Packs

It’s common for users to run through their screener quota during the busy business months. To address this, we’ve introduced add-on screener refresher packs ($250) on the High-Security and Theatrical plans. Each pack comes with 2500 overlay watermarked screeners + 150 forensic watermarked screeners. Only project owners are authorized to purchase screener refresher packs.

While this doesn’t change your subscription plan per sé, it adds to your screener count and enables sending more screeners than your plan’s max limit for the month.

Reach out to to add screener refresher pack(s).

You'll also receive a pop-up with the option of buying screener pack(s) when sending screeners out in bulk if you request for more screeners than available on your project.

Note: Screener refresher packs cannot be carried over to the following billing cycle and are applicable only on the project they’re added onto.

Updated on: 08/21/2023

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