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Subscription Cycle on Indee

All plans on Indee are charged per project on a monthly basis.. This gives you the flexibility to pay only for projects currently in use. Indee initiates all charges on the first of every month at 00:00 (12:00 a.m.) UTC, and a consolidated payment receipt is sent to the project owner on the third of every month.

New subscriptions are always charged on a pro-rata basis. For E.g., if you subscribe to your new project on the 14th of Nov, Indee will only charge you for the remainder of the month and not for the entire duration of the month. New subscriptions and upgrades are triggered immediately, subscription cancellations and downgrades will come into effect from the start of the next billing cycle.

Note: The screener count resets at the start of every cycle.

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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