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Choosing a Subscription

Indee bills you per project every month. This affords you the flexibility of paying only for projects you are using, rather than for all projects all of the time.

Let’s take a look at the various plans and the features they offer:

1. Free Trial plan
This entry-level plan is best used as a sandbox for independent filmmakers, or media studies students who don’t have the budgets to run on either of our paid plans.

2. Premium + plan - $35/month
This plan is used mostly by professionals and studios across the world.

3. High-Security plan - $250/month
This is Indee’s most widely adopted plan, and offers the highest standards of security.

4. Theatrical plan - $500/month
This plan enables your viewers to enjoy your content on Smart TV devices with our Native TV apps.

The trial plan is available only on the first-ever project created on Indee, and is non-transferrable. This plan does not require a card or billing details. However, this plan is valid only as long as the account has a single project with a single video.

Adding your Billing and Card Details
Once you’ve selected a plan, you will be requested to enter your card and billing details (if you’ve selected a paid plan). Once completed, you’re all set to send screeners and kickstart your sales & promotions.

Updated on: 06/21/2023

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