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Security Enhancements

Reinforce your screener's security with password protection or phone verification. Phone verification is available only on the High - Security plan.

Password Protection

To enable password protection, go to My Account > Settings and select the option "Enable password protected links". Once this is turned on, password protection is displayed as a security enhancement option under screener settings.

On a side note, we believe your links are only as secure as the number of people you share the passwords with. Even though every link must have a unique password, we think it’s imperative to bolster your security with tight expiry dates and maximum view limits.

Phone Verification

Phone verification on the other hand provides a better line of defense. Recipients will need to enter a one time code sent to their phone either via text or call every time they need to play the screener. Phone numbers can’t be updated once they’re bound to the screener, eliminating any possibility of link sharing.

Note: You can only opt for a single security enhancement while sending your screener.

Updated on: 05/27/2022

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