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Send out Screeners in Bulk - Campaigns

Oftentimes, you’ll want to screen your titles to a large audience. Indee’s campaigns feature available only on the High - Security plan, is perfect for generating hundreds of screeners in one go.

To get started, click on the Send Screeners tab inside your project.

Choose the video(s) you'd like to screen & select the screener settings like email/link type, max views, start & expiry time and security enhancements if any.

Check the Campaign Settings box to send out screeners in bulk.

Select the watermark type and click Continue.

Give your campaign a name and download the spreadsheet template to enter your recipient details. Depending on whether you’ve chosen link or email type, with or without password protection, the columns available in the spreadsheet will vary accordingly. Once you’ve filled in the sheet, remember to save your file in a .csv format and click Select File to upload the sheet.

Click Continue.

Review the campaign details one last time to ensure you’ve entered all your information correctly and click Submit to start generating the screeners.

You'll receive an email notifying the details of the bulk campaign in progress.

To monitor the progress of your campaign, head to the Screeners page of the project > click on the Campaigns tab > select the campaign.

Once the screeners have completed generating, click on the Campaign Report icon to receive a spreadsheet containing all the links. If you’d chosen email type in the screener settings, the emails will be delivered to the recipients once the screeners are done processing.

* Forensic screeners have a lag time due to additional processing.
* The Submit process is irreversible. Once a campaign is queued, it is deducted from the screener count. It will not be added back if the campaign is disabled later.

Updated on: 05/27/2022

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