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Watermark Types

Indee offers 4 distinct kinds of watermarks which can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Forensic + Burned: This is the highest level of security available. Forensic watermarks are invisible to the human eye, and hence cannot be masked. Forensic + Burned includes visual watermarks as well.
Forensic Only: This option applies forensic watermarks without any visible elements.
Overlay Watermark: A visible watermark will be overlayed on your video, but not burned-in.
No Watermark - No watermark of any kind will be added. This is the lowest level of security available.

Note: Forensic screeners have a lag time due to additional processing. Depending on your selection of ‘link’ or ‘email’-type screener, the forensic link is either sent to you or your recipient.

Updated on: 05/27/2022

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