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Sending Screeners

The core use of Indee’s platform is to enable its subscribers to send secure screeners to aid promotional and sales activity. We’ve tried to build and design a workflow that’s easy to navigate and quick to accomplish. There are a host of customizations available to you, regardless of your subscription plan. Read on to ensure you’re leveraging all of them.

The Screener Workflow

To send screeners, click on the Send Screeners tab in your project and :
Select the right videos to screen
Choose the desired screener settings
Select watermark & security settings
Enter your recipient’s details.

It takes most users, on an average, less than a minute to generate a screener (forensic screeners have a processing time that’s proportional to the duration of your video).

Selecting Your Videos

The first step towards sending screeners is to select the video(s) you would like to screen. Every screening link you create is a screener room which can house one or more screeners within it. This is beneficial if you’d like to share a feature film along with trailers or for multiple episodes in case of TV content.

We recommend clicking the video thumbnail to view the video and double-check you’re sending the right one out.

Selecting Screener Settings

Type of Screener

While a screener room is always rendered in the form of a shareable link, you can choose how to share it with your viewers. You can create Email or Link type screeners.
Email type screener: Viewers will receive an email with the screener link from Indee at the scheduled screening time. You can also customize the message in this email while generating the screeners.
Link-type screener: Generate screener links that can be shared with your viewers directly. This is ideal if you’ve got personalized emails written out to your various recipients.

Maximum Views

Apply a maximum view limit (up to 20 only) and control the number of times your recipients can view your screeners. We advise our users to be judicious with their view counts, especially while sharing screeners with unfamiliar associates from the industry.

Start and expiry date

Pre-date your screeners’ start & expiry by selecting a date and time. Indee ensures your screeners are not accessible outside of the viewing window, and recipients are compelled to Request Access past this expiry date.

Note: Screener start and expiry times are set to local time.

Security Enhancement

Select password protection or phone verification to append onto your screeners. Phone verification is available only on the High - Security plan.

Password Protection
To enable password protection, go to My Account > Settings and select the option "Enable password protected links". Once this is turned on, password protection is displayed as a security enhancement option under screener settings.

On a side note, we believe your links are only as secure as the number of people you share the passwords with. Even though every link must have a unique password, we think it’s imperative to bolster your security with tight expiry dates and maximum view limits.

Phone Verification
Phone verification on the other hand provides a better line of defense. Recipients will need to enter a one time code sent to their phone either via text or call every time they need to play the screener. Phone numbers can’t be updated once they’re bound to the screener, eliminating any possibility of link sharing. The screener is bound to the

Watermark Settings

Indee offers 4 distinct kinds of watermarks which can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Forensic + Burned: This is the highest level of security available. Forensic watermarks are invisible to the human eye, and hence cannot be masked. Forensic + Burned includes visual watermarks as well.
Forensic Only: This option applies forensic watermarks without any visible elements.
Overlay Watermark: A visible watermark will be overlayed on your video, but not burned-in.
No Watermark - No watermark of any kind will be added. This is the lowest level of security available.

Note: Forensic screeners have a lag time due to additional processing. Depending on your selection of ‘link’ or ‘email’-type screener, the forensic link is either sent to you or your recipient.

Customize Email Template

If you've chosen email as your screener type, Indee provides the option of customizing the email. Only a small portion of the body of your email (refer to image) can be changed to include a message of your choice to your viewers. Remember to head to My Account > Settings and select the option "Customize email template"

The character limit is 1000 including spaces.
Rich text is not supported.
No paragraph breakup.
No hyperlinks.

Entering recipient information

Link-type Screeners

Email-type Screeners

The final step in sending your screeners is to add in your recipients’ information. Depending on your screener settings, you may be required to fill in the recipient’s watermark, email, name and password. Our smart address book populates all fields once an email has been entered. This only works if the recipient isn’t new and has received a screener from your account in the past. Once you’ve added in all the required information, hit generate screeners and you should have your links or emails generated immediately.

* For link-type screeners, an option to copy the screener link is provided.
* For email-type screeners that have a start date set in the future, the email goes out to the recipient right before the scheduled time. This helps your email stay on top of the recipient’s inbox and prevents it from getting lost in the clutter.
* For forensic watermarked screeners, the link is sent via email to the sender once the processing is complete.
* You can also opt out of receiving copies of screener emails and screener viewed emails by going to My Account > Settings.

Updated on: 05/27/2022

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